>>> rae rodriguez is a maker. a creator <<<
Since 2008, I've been crafting limited edition and one of a kind Jester Swink jewelry, translating my love of detail and composition in photography into jewelry design.  I embrace enhancing women's independent style.  I love to create the "unexpected" of design and pattern combinations and to play through layering for personalized expression.

>>> for your sanctuary; your home <<<
Jester Swink has entered the accessory world of home decor.  Enjoy our newest collections of wall hangings, spinners/mobiles, mini bud vases, and more to come.  We believe in balancing your sanctuary; your home. Artistically, my passion for light and shadow continue to play an important role in my work - where nature adds to the pieces hanging on your wall or spinning differently each time you see them.

>>> where we are <<<
Jester Swink designs are made in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA in my art studio where I also teach jewelry-making classes.  I am passionate about conscious creativity, quality craftsmanship, happy customers, sustainability, and inspiring empowerment to all of us for everything YOU want in life!

<<< above all thank you for supporting my bliss >>>