Jester Swink + The Crucible’s Virtual GIFTY!

Happy November Everyone! 

Last year I supported and participated at The Crucible's GIFTY event which I absolutely loved!  The synergy of staff, vendors, and customers is amazing.  Truthfully it always feels great supporting a shared vision and in this case sharing all aspects of makers, crafts, and education.  

2020 has been quite the challenge for all. I personally have had many markets cancel since March, so please know it's even more important to support your local artistsThat’s why I’m so excited to be participating in The Crucible’s Virtual GIFTY! For the first time in its 17 year history, this annual craft show will be hosted completely online, allowing shoppers to avoid the crowds while still supporting local businesses.

Starting today November 9, The Crucible will be highlighting Jester Swink and over 80 other Bay Area makers and small businesses selling things like original handcrafted soaps, sculpted glassware, and of course JEWELRY and HOME ACCESSORIES. Buying local gifts can make a huge difference.

During these hard times, it feels like so many of us are finding new crafts and hobbies that interest us.  Never forget there's an artist in all of us, so I hope you're trying new things.  With so much at our finger tips, why wouldn't we?  Hello YouTube!  :)

It's the season of giving and what better way than to support the struggling small businesses.  Amazon and large retailers always seem to dominate but small business could really benefit from this time of year.  It's always so lovely to share a handcrafted piece from an artist that has a story - their take on the world is always appreciated by the receiver.

I hope you choose to support Jester Swink and other amazing local artists and businesses this holiday season by shopping The Crucible’s Virtual GIFTY for all your holiday gifts! <3 

Much luv your way and BE SAFE!