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Article: Stud Earrings: The Beauty of Detail - Jester Swink

Stud Earrings: The Beauty of Detail - Jester Swink

Stud Earrings: The Beauty of Detail - Jester Swink

Stud Earrings - The Beauty of Detail


Do you ever notice a piece of jewelry, and the longer you look, the more you see? Jester Swink believes that some of the world’s most stunning pieces are the ones with a focus on detail. This is one of the reasons why our range of stud earrings are some of our most popular products. In a world full of short attention spans, when our lives are full of short videos and pop-ups, there’s nothing better than taking time to notice the small things.

What’s more, studs ensure that your ears don’t suffer under the weight of other earrings, such as hoops, dangles or drops. This ensures that you can impress all day with any stunning set. Whether you’re on a date, day out, or simply putting the hours in at the office (or the zoom call), studs are always by your side, without burdening your ears. I personally can't wear any other style of earrings and I must not be alone. :) 

Our stud earrings are our most popular product ranges, and we believe that this is one of the reasons why. Each individual piece shows us that even the small things can develop their own design personalities. From flowing curves to striking geometrics, our studs play with shape in order to produce beautiful design. We want your earrings to attract an audience, without being too loud, and detracting from your overall look, and we believe that they achieve just that.

From floral designs to geometrics, we’ve created a whole range of stud earrings, so you can benefit from all the confidence that beautiful jewelry bestows upon you. There’s no better feeling than confidence, and with these subtly beautiful designs, that’s exactly what you get.

Did you know that stud earrings have a history of over 7000 years? That’s right, for millennia, people have been using studs in their ears as a way of highlighting their higher status, among other meanings. The roots of this classic piece are in ancient asian civilizations. While this status symbol is largely gone today, a high quality stud earring is a sure sign of good taste.

About our designs

Inspired by the story of a jewelry design that’s lasted thousands of years, we set out to create stunning stud earrings that do this piece justice.

Using vintage buttons, stamps, dies, and more we create geometric and floral designs, as well as handcrafting techniques.  We’ve crafted a whole range of constructions to compliment your looks. From elegant flowers to the more modern takes on shape and texture, we’ve got it all.

The Bronze Range

We’ve done some of our most popular work using bronze. From rings to hoops, there’s a reason this metal has been used for thousands of years - it never gets old. We’ve stayed true to our artisanal techniques, using this stunning metal to create designs inspired by both nature, and shape.

For example, our Bronze Rose Stud earrings are one of our best selling pieces. Each stud swirls to create a mesmerizing pattern, mimicking the spontaneity of the environment and it’s incredible beauty. Combining innovative, creative design while thinking about comfort, these studs are the solution to the heavy hoops that you’ve had to put up with until now.

Bronze is a metal that grows with you. Like fine wine, it ages over time - developing a mature patina over the years. This means that from the day you receive your Bronze stud earrings, they’re growing with you and will only get better over time. That new shine will change slowly into a stunning and unique character that really sets bronze apart.  

Silver Studs

Silver is a natural choice for many when it comes to jewelry, and with good reason. This is a metal that has a cult following within the jewelry community. We love to work with this precious metal to develop some of our bestselling pieces.

From geometrically inspired modern takes to our classic flowery designs, our silver earrings are a staple in our lineup.

For example, our Silver Artisan Geometric Square studs are perfect for those who enjoy a bit of modernism in their looks. The clear cut edges, combined with the natural variation that comes with handmade jewelry creates a unique blend of modern and natural that many of our customers revere.

For our customers that prefer the natural twist, our leaf designs are the perfect solution. From leaf designs to a mix of flowers and geometric shapes, there really is something for everyone!

When to wear them?

Unlike other kinds of jewelry, there’s few rules when it comes to stud earrings. As we mentioned earlier, they’re ideal if you find your ears get tired from drops or hoops, or if you know you’ll be wearing your earrings for a long period of time.

Studs are the perfect addition of subtle flare with a casual look. Whether you’re going out with friends or simply running some errands and want to look your best, you can’t go wrong here.

The flashier studs are perfect for those special occasions. From dates to weddings, studs are one of the best ways to complete your meticulously planned look, without choosing earrings that are too loud for the occasion.

We know there’s nothing worse than overpowering jewelry. This is why we stand by the stud as the ultimate reliable jewelry piece, for any occasion.

Where do we look for inspiration?

All our designs are handcrafted in California, taking after the strong tradition of artisanal makers and small business. Each of our pieces are made with love in my studio in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.

This means we have an abundance of inspiration, from the natural beauty of our surroundings. From oceans to the flora and fauna, we’re never short of ideas for new designs of our stud earrings. That’s why we love to create new designs inspired by nature. You may have noticed a flower theme within our stud range, all of which was inspired by the natural beauty of sunny California!

So what are you waiting for?! We’ve highlighted all the best reasons to get yourselves some of our handcrafted stud earrings - because we know you appreciate jewelry that’s made with love. Remember, the beauty is in the details.

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