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What Eagles Sea Wall Hanging with Driftwood, Lace Agate, Pyrite, Brass, and Copper


ONE OF A KINDIntroducing "What Eagles Sea" - a one-of-a-kind wall hanging that creatively captures the essence of earth's elements from above, inspired by the majestic flight of an eagle. 

Crafted with Driftwood, Lace Agate, Pyrite, and Copper, this captivating piece adds an artistic touch to your interior space while promoting happiness, inner stability, and positive energies. 

The driftwood, resembling an eagle in flight, symbolizes nature's strength and freedom. Embrace the warm and protective energies of Lace Agate as it encourages self-confidence and security, while the mesmerizing Pyrite amplifies positive vibrations. Ground your space with the resilient Copper, representing the earth's strength and resilience. 

Experience the magic of nature within your home and elevate your decor with this extraordinary creation. Shop now and invite the wonders of "What Eagles Sea" into your sanctuary, celebrating the beauty and creativity of the world we live in.

Elevate your decor with this extraordinary creation that hangs at 20" from the top of the wood and has a width of 13".

Our natural wall hangings are always made with a whole lotta love. <3


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