Jester Swink

Triangle Hoop Earrings from Jester Swink


There's something about triangles. They are not just some unique shapes, but they also make some elegant earrings. The Triangle Hoop Earrings from Jester Swink celebrate the modern yet chic appearance of hoops.

The Triangle Hoop Earrings exude a minimalist tone that is amplified by the classy shades. The earrings hang just enough (appx 1.5") to attract curious eyes without intruding in your comfort space. You will look like a million bucks wearing these elegant hoops, there's no doubt about that.

It's time to infuse some shapes into your wardrobe. Embrace the iconic triangle accessory with the Triangle Hoop Earrings, today!

These bronze hoops are made with sterling silver ear wire.

Our handcrafted items may vary slightly in size & appearance.



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