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Stormy Clouds Wall Hanging - Home Decor - Jester Swink

Sale price$135.00

Inspired by the idea that beauty can be found in anything, we’ve put together the Storm Clouds Wall Hanging by combining natural materials with handcrafting methods, to create one of a kind pieces.

This wall hanging is a reflection of the stormy clouds that have inspired so many artists with their brooding colors and ominous form. By using wool rovings and driftwood, we’ve turned waste into something to be admired and meditated on, all while completing your interior design plan.

It’s the perfect expression of thoughtful design and nature’s spontaneity, and the ideal decor for your home. Balance Your Sanctuary.

Size - hangs at appx 28" in length, 19" width.

Metal - copper and electroplated brass chain.

Beads - copper and wood.