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Sleek Copper River Rock Mini Bud Vase from Jester Swink

Sale price$148.00

Copper River Rock Mini Bud Vase: A Tranquil Oasis of Nature's Embrace

Indulge in the serenity of nature with our Copper River Rock Mini Bud Vase, a unique creation by Jester Swink that transcends ordinary decor. Crafted with meticulous precision and an abundance of love, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece invites you to experience the soothing touch of nature in your everyday life.

Immerse yourself in the calming ambiance created by the essence of nature, as this vase encapsulates the beauty of a river rock from a serene creek in Boulder Creek, CA. Its copper clay construction, shaped over the natural contours of the rock, captures the essence of tranquility and brings a sense of peacefulness to any space.

Measuring at approximately 3" in width and 1" in height, this miniature wonder not only adorns your window sill, bookcase, or altar but also serves as a unique conversation starter. The warm embrace of copper exudes a timeless charm, creating a focal point that sparks curiosity and admiration.

Indulge in the emotional richness of owning a piece that is not just decor but a symbol of craftsmanship, love, and the distinctive beauty found in imperfections. With a light patina finish, it carries the allure of a well-worn treasure, making it a perfect vessel for your chosen flowers and a constant source of joy.

Product Details:

  • One of a Kind: Elevate your style with this exclusive and unique piece.
  • Size: Approximately 1" tall.
  • Metal: Copper.
  • Uniqueness: A conversation starter that exudes character and charm.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted for enduring beauty.
  • Mood Enhancement: Infuse your space with the calming energy of nature.

Embark on a journey of emotional connection and aesthetic delight with the Copper River Rock Mini Bud Vase, a tranquil oasis that brings nature's embrace into the heart of your home.