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Nature-Inspired Driftwood Lunar Galaxy Wall Hanging with Fauna Seeds, Leather, and Fossilized Coral - Neutral Boho Home Decor


Elevate your space with our stunning interior wall hanging, meticulously crafted using found driftwood from Santa Cruz.

Designed with a captivating combination of wood, fauna seeds, leather, silver tones, and fossilized coral, this wall hanging exudes a natural and serene aesthetic. The neutral color palette provides a sense of balance and calmness, bringing a soothing ambiance to any room.

Imagine the visual impact of this unique piece, with its intricate details and carefully selected materials. The fusion of wood, fauna seeds, leather, and silver tones creates a harmonious composition, while the fossilized coral adds a touch of intrigue and depth. Experience the beauty of nature's elements gracefully intertwined in this captivating wall hanging.

Hang this exquisite 12" wide and 24" long (including hanging point) wall art in your living room, bedroom, or office to infuse your space with a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere. Embrace the calming presence it brings and let it be a focal point that sparks conversation and admiration.

Order now and let our Nature-Inspired Driftwood Lunar Galaxy Wall Hanging elevate your interior design, bringing the allure of nature's wonders into your space. Experience the serenity and beauty of this exceptional piece firsthand.


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