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Mixed Metal Sunlit Love Charm Necklace

Sale price$69.00

Unveil your heart's radiance with the Sunlit Love Charm Necklace. This limited edition necklace showcases a stunning combination of textures and symbols. The bronze pendant, handcrafted with a delicate hammered texture, adds depth and earthy beauty to the piece. On top of it, a silver charm resembling a burst of the sun conveys love's warmth and affection.

Adorn the mixed metal Sunlit Love Charm Necklace and experience the joy of love and the grounding embrace of the Earth. The texture of the bronze pendant is a testament to craftsmanship, evoking a sense of strength and resilience. The sunburst charm symbolizes the power of love, radiating positive energy to brighten your days.

This handcrafted necklace is more than just jewelry; it's an embodiment of love, strength, and the beauty found in the union of nature's elements. Its versatility allows you to wear it as a standalone piece or layered with other jewelry, expressing your unique style effortlessly.


  • LIMITED EDITION: Discover distinction with this unique limited edition.
  • Size: 18” in length. Textured bronze rectangle charm is 7x12mm, and silver charm is 6mm.
  • Metal: Silver and bronze.
  • Weight: Lightweight, ensuring comfort during extended wear.
  • Handcrafted Variations: Note that handcrafted items may vary slightly in size and appearance.

Please allow up to 5-7 days before the item ships out.

Mixed Metal Sunlit Love Charm Necklace
Mixed Metal Sunlit Love Charm Necklace Sale price$69.00