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Mixed Metal Radiant Being Charm Necklace


Illuminate your style with the Mixed Metal Radiant Being Charm Necklace, a limited edition masterpiece. A captivating mandala pattern in silver and bronze dances gracefully, embodying your inner radiance.

This necklace epitomizes elegance and luminosity. Embrace it as a daily beacon of your inner brilliance or gift it to a cherished soul, celebrating their unique radiance. The flawless harmony of silver and bronze charms creates a captivating portrayal of your luminous spirit.

With the Mixed Metal Radiant Being charm necklace, you carry your inner light's essence. It's not merely jewelry; it's a radiant representation, spreading positivity to the world. Whether for yourself or a beloved, make it yours and inspire brilliance.


  • LIMITED EDITION: A rare and sought-after piece, crafted in limited quantities.
  • Size: 18” in length. Textured bronze rectangle charm is 10x5mm, and silver floral charm is 9mm..
  • Metal: Silver and bronze.
  • Weight: Lightweight for comfortable, all-day wear.
  • Handcrafted Variations: Note that handcrafted items may vary slightly in size and appearance.

Please allow up to 5-7 days before the item ships out.


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