Jester Swink

Mandala Drop Dangle Earrings by Jester Swink


Calling all you asymmetry fans out there, here you go.  I'm a huge fan too! 

Looking for something light and airy to make you feel even more special all day and into the evening?  Well, your search is over cause the Mandala Drop Dangle Earrings by Jester Swink are a lovely choice. 

Handcrafted with finesse, the Mandala Drop Dangle Earrings have a mandala texture. Aligning purity to your journey, you can match them for any occasion. They're sure to balance your radiant self!

A must-have jewelry staple, place your order for this perfect pair right now! :) 

These dangle earrings are copper and 14K gold-filled with sterling silver ear-wires.  The longer earrings hang at appx 1.75" in length, the shorter from 1.25", from the top of the ear-wires to bottom of the mandala design. 

** If you're not an asymmetry fan, make notes in your order for which of these two lengths you'd like.  :)

Our handcrafted items may vary slightly in size & appearance.


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