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Life's Balance of Time Wall Hanging with Driftwood, Fossilized Coral, and Copper


ONE OF A KINDIntroducing "Life's Balance of Time" - a grand clock-like wall hanging that embodies the harmony of nature's elements. Crafted with Driftwood, Fossilized Agate, and Copper, this unique wall art brings the essence of time and balance to your interior space.

The intricately designed Driftwood exudes a timeless charm, symbolizing the passage of time and the beauty of imperfections. The Fossilized Agate, with its ancient energy, encourages balance and stability in your life, grounding your space with its warm and protective properties. Copper, representing the strength and resilience of nature, adds a touch of elegance to this exceptional creation.

Experience the balance of nature's elements within your home with "Life's Balance of Time." Shop now and adorn your walls with this exquisite piece, a true representation of the magic and harmony found in the passage of time. Embrace the beauty of imperfections and let this grand wall hanging be a reminder to cherish every moment while honoring the balance of life's journey.

Elevate your decor with this creation that hangs at 23" from the top of the wood and has a width of 9".

Our natural wall hangings are always made with a whole lotta love. <3


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