Jester Swink

Brass & Rose Terracotta Clay Leather Silent Wind Chime by Jester Swink


ONE-OF-A-KIND.  Yes, this Brass & Rose Terracotta Clay Leather Silent Wind Chime/Spinner by Jester Swink is a lovely accent for your home. This spinner was made for your interior or exterior of your home. Imagine it in front of a window, in your garden, on the patio or deck. Or even hanging in a corner of the room, so it occasionally spins freely.

Size: Hangs at appx 16" in length from the top of hanging ring  

Other Elements: Terracotta Clay, Brass, Copper, Leather, and Driftwood from Capitola

If this item is sold out and you can't live without it, we can make something similar! Please know that our handcrafted items vary slightly in size & appearance, for obvious reasons - natures beauty of clay and not being mass produced. :)

Contact us, for inquiries.


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