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Boho Coastal Waves Wall Hanging

Sale price$310.00

Wearable Art
* This is a Jester's Wink *

Boho chic, thats for sure. resembling the waves of the coast, this boho piece was created. It's beautiful on the wall and consists of (3) lariat strands. For texture, we've used some pretty unique chains and amazing modern and African beads.

On the wall - when this juxtapose piece hangs on the wall, natural light illuminates the stones and shadows cast shape adding dimension. The fusion of art & natures canvas.

Mix it up - wear one piece today and another tomorrow.

  • all strands - appx 43"
  • metals - sterling silver, german silver, brass
  • stones - amazonite, blue chalcedony
  • beads - red glass, glass turquoise, sea glass, inlay of coral and turquoise
Juxtapose art is limited edition. The image you see is one of a kind, when others are made the creation slightly changes.

Please allow 5-7 days before shipping.