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Article: Bohemian Style in the Home

Bohemian Style in the Home

There is something inspiring and soul-warming about bringing touches of bohemian chic home decor style into your home. What I love most about this particular style is that it gives you an opportunity to create your personal sanctuary and oasis, surrounded by natural elements that are soft, vibrant, and put you at ease. 

Why Boho Chic?

When many people hear the term ‘boho’ they think all-out hippie; peace signs and patchwork pants included. While the bohemian style of today undoubtedly has roots in the 1960s, when I say boho I am referring to an artistic, airy quality inspired by the earth and its natural elements. Boho chic jewelry, art, and home decor creates a spirited, calming vibe that encourages creativity and relaxation all at once. This is why I love this design aesthetic so much! There are endless opportunities to tap into different areas and bring in various elements, many of which are created by our incredible Mother Earth.
What is Bohemian Style? 
Boho jewelry and home furnishings carry a lighthearted feel and aim to connect natural resources (such as semi-precious stones, metals, glass, and fibers) with bold elements, textures, and patterns. These days there is a lot of macrame craft that is considered boho, but there are many other ways to bring the bohemian style into your home. If done right, you can use furniture, pillows, lighting, and other interior accessories to create your own personal bohemian retreat. 

All About Boho Inspired Wall Hangings 

Wall hangings are one of the hottest home decor trends on the market today, and for good reason. This nouveau art is eclectic, inspiriting, and grounding all at once. Using different materials and taking inspiration from various aspects of nature, my wall hangings aim to add depth, color, texture, and style to any space.
How You Can Bring that Boho Aesthetic into the Home 
One of the best parts about decorating your home with the bohemian style as your inspiration is that it allows your to create a space full of life, culture, and interesting items. There are lots of bohemian decorating ideas for living rooms.  But, there are no real rules, which allows the decorator to embrace the carefree and unusual. For those who are left uninspired and bored by modern sensibilities, boho might be perfect. 

Tap Into Your Creative Side

When it comes to embarking on bohemian interior design ideas, I encourage you to explore, experiment, and reinvent the way things are done. This unconventional style gives you free will to mix colors, patterns, and textures, while incorporating unique elements such as wall hangings that are a mix of metal and nature. This may seem a little chaotic at first, but if you embrace the challenge and throw caution to the wind, you are sure to embark on a life-changing design journey. While there are no rules, but there are a few guidelines that can help you get started with boho chic style:

  • Use warm, earthy colors and metallics
    • Terra cotta, gold, and other colors in the metallics family are a favorite when bringing in boho style
    • Jewel tones are great for accessorizing (think pillows, tapestries, and throws)
    • The key to using color in boho decorating is to go with warm tones that may not go together in a traditional sense
  • Mix and match decorative materials
    • This is one of my favorite aspects of boho design, as it allows you to use natural materials and mix them with softer elements, like silk
    • The materials you use should not look brand new, but rather have a worn look, like they have a story to tell, if you will
  • Thrift stores are your best friend
    • When it comes to furniture, thrift stores finds are where it’s at
    • Secondhand and vintage items are encouraged, and reinvented items are always a plus
    • Look for items that tell a story and that have ties to the Victorian era, such as crushed velvet chaises in deep, saturated colors

Boho chic style is all about appreciating the essence of items that make you feel enlivened and grounded all at once. It gives you a fantastic opportunity to think outside the box and bring in elements that may not necessarily go together at first glance, but actually complement one another exquisitely. It’s all about finding that gem - your gem - that speaks to your individuality.

Looking for Boho Inspired Wall Hangings? 
jester swink jewelry and wall hangings are inspiring, original, and tie various elements together in order to achieve a whimsical, spirited look. I often talk to people who think they can’t ‘pull off’ the boho look, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bohemian style isn’t about trying to be something you are not, but is an homage to each person’s individual style and focuses on expression through art. Each of us may have a different idea come to mind when we hear the word bohemian, and I support that! My designs are original and constantly changing, giving me the opportunity to play around with new elements and textures. Check out my unique wall hangings and unexpected lariats to see how I am able to tap into my bohemian. Happy designing, lovelies! 

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