Custom Wall Hangings
Shopping for handmade artisan home decor is a rarity yet becoming more of a focus in our lives. Handcrafted treasures, like wall hangings, with meaning, are so very important to us. Our sanctuaries should have nature and beauty surrounding us, which you won't get from big box stores.

I'd love to make a custom wall hanging with you making for a one-of-a-kind home accessory for your home or business.  You can customize the design by selecting a style, a colorway, a metaphysical property, found object that means something to you, or completely from scratch. Here are just some ideas:

 Colorway ideas:

  • Ocean mist - cold blue/green colorway
  • Tuscan sun - warm red/orange colorway
  • Jeweled mix - jewel tone colorway
  • Mixed up - jewel tone and earth tone colorway
  • Royal Tazz - gold, silver, navy, blues
  • Metallic - all metal mixed or cohesive metals.
  • Another way?? Let us make it happen!

Our custom focus:

  • Colors of materials to accentuate your home.
  • Apply certain gemstones for their healing properties to your home
  • And, so much more!

Please email us with interest and let's get started with a lovely wall hanging completely customized to your home and beauty.