custom wall hangings
pieces can be custom-made, making these one of a kind, for your home or business.  You can customize the design with selecting a style, colorways, or both.  Colorway ideas:
  • ocean mist - cold blue/green colorways
  • tuscan sun - warm red/orange colorways
  • jeweled mix - jewel tone colorways
  • mixed up - jewel tone and earth tone colorways
  • royal tazz - gold, silver, navy, blues
  • metallic - all metal mixed or cohesive metals.
  • another way ?? just let us know.

more choices:

  • choice of one or mixed metals
  • colors of gemstone or glass beads to match the home
  • certain gemstones for their healing properties for you + your home
  • overall size of the entire piece
  • wool and wood
  • .... so much more!

please email us with interest and let's get started with a lovely wall hanging of your choice!