Jester Swink

Turquoise, Pyrite & Wenge Wood Bracelet from Jester Swink

$30.00 $36.00

This Turquoise, Pyrite & Wenge Wood Bracelet from Jester Swink is a fabulous combination of elements!  Wearing this adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look.  

This turquoise is gorgeous and provides protection for the mind and body, while pyrite is a strong protective stone shielding you from negative energy.  Wenge wood is tropical timber from the Millettia Laurentii tree that you'll find throughout Africa, really beautiful

This bracelet is easy to stack with others, giving a lot of versatility in layering.  Check out some ideas in the alt images.

Size 7, gorgeous, and made with a whole lotta love. <3

Our bracelets may vary slightly in size & appearance due to the natural aspect of semi precious stones.


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